8 DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

I love any kind of beautiful packaging. I remember it always being my "job" when I was a little girl to put all the ribbons on the presents under the tree. I would spend hours listening to Christmas music while carefully tying all the bows. The presents were already wrapped by my Mom so we wouldn't know what was in them… however, that did not go without lack of trying to figure them out. We are four kids in our family and believe me, we poked and rattled and even unwrapped & rewrapped them all one year to see what they were. (Sorry mom, the truth comes out.) After I finished my task of tying on all the bows and ribbons I would turn out the lights and just stare at all the little lights on the tree, the way they reflected off of all the beautiful, glass ornaments my Mother had gathered throughout the years. It was, and always is, just magical.

Here are a few tutorials of different packaging ideas. Enjoy!!

You really can't go wrong with any Martha Stewart inspired wrapping. Bells are the best!

Love this recycling idea. So simple and chic.

Recycling news print, buttons & twine. I am in love.

Using any kind of natural element is just so beautiful. Mini  pinecones and trimmings from the tree is perfection.

This is a fun Anthropologie inspired wrapping idea I found here at homemadeginger.

Again, Martha Stewart proves to be the queen of all things crafty.

Great packaging idea using a stamped name here at The Haystack Needle.

Love this modern idea by Goinghometoroost.

Do you have any wrapping traditions that you do in your house? Do all the packages look the same and with a theme or do you do a little bit of everything? Would love to hear what your traditions are, and feel free to leave a link to your blog if you have any other great wrapping idea to share!

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