Vegan Chocolate Cake

Last Friday night I was thinking it would be fun to make an apple pie. Why I thought that I have no flippin' idea. I have a case of apples sitting on my balcony waiting to be juiced but my juicer is at the repair guy. So, what to do with all those apples??? Make a pie right? I decided to torture my family with my Christmas music while making the house smell awesome with all my apple pie makings. Well, the pie was a pain in the ass to make. Hats off to all you bakers out there because it took me like 4 hours and was not fun. However, it kicked ass it was so good!!! Here is the instagram pic of the process. Only problem here is that nobody else in my house eats apple pie.  Did NOT know this when I decided to make it. Why do Italians not love cinnamon like I do?!? So, YES, I ate the whole freaking thing. THE WHOLE THING, all my by myself, in 3 days. Gross. Sooooo this Friday night and I am baking again.(because, yes, my life is that exciting) However, I am choosing wisely this time and am going to make a Chocolate Vegan Cake by cake duchess. She is one of my besties and is an amazing baker so I feel I can do no wrong this time around. Wish me luck or I going to be 5 kilos heavier really fast!

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