2014 Summer Trip Part II: Small Road Trip in California...

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It takes about 7-8 hours to drive from Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe if you want to drive it straight through. If you are total foodies like we are it takes about 10 hours with all of our touristy foodie stops. This year, to make George happy and not endure the 10 hour haul, we broke it up into 2 days. George, Michele, JD (sister's boyfriend) and myself all set out on our little journey, but not before we took Lindsey (sister's dog), to the kennel.
Is that dog happy to be in the car or what?
The fastest route to Tahoe is to take the I-5 North and US-50 East. It is pretty straightforward and there isn't too much to see other than desert. George really wanted to see the airplane graveyard near the Mojave desert. 
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We drove through the desert, and then drove some more. That desert is huge. Nighttime arrived and that is when something incredible happened. We pulled off the road into no man's land and turned off all the lights so that we were completely surrounded in darkness. You just can't imagine all the stars that you could see from there. It was magical! G even got to see his first falling star... I love those moments of innocent bliss.

We rolled into a little town called Bishop to crash out for the night but we hadn't booked a hotel and were having some difficulty finding something last minute. If I may suggest something to you all, it is to drive straight through from LA to Tahoe and not break the trip up into 2 days. Sure, we were more relaxed, but the drive isn't that bad, and I think the $300.00 for the mediocre rooms at the Inn were not worth it. Whatever… live & learn right?!?

We woke up fairly early and went to check out the hotel breakfast, which apparently had fresh Belgium Waffles! My expectations were shot down at first sight of the DIY waffle machine and a plastic dixie cup that was to be utilized to pour the gloppy batter on the machine and pray you don't burn yourself in the process.  Ummm, no thanks. We immediately set off to Starbucks and then to one of the most amazing bakeries you will ever encounter in your entire life,  Erick Schat's Bakery. This is a must stop whether you are sleeping in Bishop or just passing by. Do not even think about your diet at this point… just don't and you may enjoy all the baked goodness they have to offer. I can highly recommend any of the "Pullaway Breads". Total heaven.

Back on the road we go. We saw so many cows, so much land, and not so many people. Very refreshing after being in LA. It was perfect.

We finally arrived at our next awesome food destination, The Woah Nellie Deli. The  Whoa Nellie Deli is located in a Mobil gas station on a hilltop just west of the intersection of U.S. Route 395 and California State Route 120. It's just one mile south of the small town of Lee Vining, California. Being in a gas station, go figure that they would have such amazing, gourmet food, but they do. There is also a great little mini market that has a bit of everything for camping, hiking and supplies for people going to the Burning Man Festival. We ran into a few of those interesting characters, but unfortunately I missed that photo opportunity. The restaurant also has a really nice view of Mono Lake.
Fish Tacos at the Whoa Nellie Deli. Crazy good!
Me, George, Michele outside of Woah Nellie Deli.
Interesting (totally odd) guy buying his supplies and then heading off to go hiking.
After driving a couple more hours we found another great pit stop for what else??? Food! We found a random little biker bar tucked away alongside a lonely road. The owner was crazy nice, the food was simple but honestly the best chicken fingers I have ever had, and for the life of me, I can not remember his name or the name of this great place. Oops.
Michele & JD at our random biker bar find that I can't remember the name! Argh!!

Forgotten caps of past clients at the bar.
This is an old indian trading post just down the road from the biker bar. So super kitsch but yet so awesome. Of course we had to buy the ever important rabbit's foot and a buffalo tooth for luck while we there.

Indian Trading Post

After some more driving we finally arrived at our destination!!!
South Lake Tahoe, you are just so beautiful… 
South Lake Tahoe
The Lake Tahoe post will be coming soon…

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