2014 Summer Trip Part III: Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is simply amazing. Pure beauty. It is such a fantastic family vacation destination in Summer or Winter. There is this gorgeous lake, bike trails, fishing, hiking, boating, art galleries, shopping and more.

In the Winter there is amazing skiing, snowboarding and sledding. Oh, and let's not forget that Lake Tahoe is half in California and half in Nevada, and in Nevada, gambling is legal! We didn't go to the casinos since I was always with George, but be known that it's there if somebody wants it.

The scenery is just breathtaking at every turn. I am so lucky that my Mom rents a few condos in South Lake Tahoe every year in August and we try to come back and enjoy it as often as possible. We are surrounded by nothing but trees, nature, fresh air and my whole family for an entire week and it is truly awesome.

I mean just look how clear the lake is! You can see all the fish and crabs swimming around.

This is where we stayed for a week. It's called Worldmark and it's a time share. I honestly don't know how it all works but it's like staying at a 5 star resort, but with with your own two bedroom, fully equipped condo. Like I said… awesome!
This is the view when you walk down to the lake in the morning. 

Morning walks are always fun with my beautiful niece.
I stumbled upon my dream car in the parking lot. Love.
I could sit on this pier all day long.

George's favorite thing to do at the lake is fish for Crayfish or "Crawdads" at the pier. How does one do this you ask? Well…
1. Wrap a piece of bacon wrapped around a rock.
2. Tie firmly to a long piece of string.
3. Dump it in the water.
4. Wait for the crowdads to arrive and crawl on top.
5. Pull up to the surface of the water and dump them in a bucket. 
That my friends is how we fish for Crayfish off of the pier.

It's just a simple vacation in a beautiful place, spent with family. Exactly what life should be about.

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