5 Best Coffee Shops in Rimini

If you have been following me on any social media, you might know by now that I am a bit of a coffee addict. Um, I do live in Italy after all. Coffee is pretty much a right of passage here.

Here are my my favorite finds of the moment. Be warned they will change slightly in the Summer as drinking coffee outdoors is dreamy.

1. Bar Lento

Lento means "slow" in Italian. I can definitely say that they named this bar perfectly because not only can you go and chill for hours with a good book, your computer or just chatting with friends, but the service is crazy slow. This doesn't bother me so much as I like the retro vibe that is going on over there. Located on a small street right in the center of town, this shop is filled with antiques and oddities and anything that you see, you can buy. Kind of a cool concept. Great selection of organic and vegan cakes and treats as well as a variety of different milks for people that don't want a simple espresso or latte.

Via Aurelio Bertola, 52, 47921 Rimini RN
340 298 6098

2. Nècessaire

I probably love this one so much because it is in my neighborhood but it really is so charming. Located in Borgo San Giovanni, it has a sort of industrial, modern look going on in the front with antique furniture and comfy chairs near the back for a little more privacy. They also have an awesome little patio which is heated in the winter. The presentation of drinks and food is always impeccable. Unique pastries and cakes in the morning as well as eggs and bacon if you ask for it. (thanks boys) Needless to say the coffee is awesome. I must mention that the aperitivo here is amazing! They organize different events weekly whether it be jazz or sushi and they have a wicked eye for detail with the special drinks. Don't forget to get the plate of food that is on offer for only a few more euros with your drink. It is always filled with unique local cheeses, salami, prosciutto and various jams & spreads. You will not be disappointed for breakfast, lunch or dinner here.

Via XX settembre 118, Rimini 47923
320 089 2873

3. Pasticceria Vecchi

After you pass over Ponte Tiberio going into Borgo San Giuliano, do not forget to stop at Pasticceria Vecchi located on the right. This cafè is a classic, old school style cafè with homemade pastries that will make you cry they are so good. If you can get a table outside, you will have the wonderful view of the old bridge and the Marrecchia Park. Definitely worth a stop here for breakfast or perhaps to get a coffee in the afternoon before strolling through town.

Viale Tiberio 7, Rimini 47921

4. Bio's Cafè

A short walk outside the center of town, but still totally walkable is Bio's Cafè. You will have no problems finding a large selection of vegetarian and vegan friendly foods here. Fresh juices, smoothies, brioche, and cakes for breakfast as well as sandwiches and such for lunch. Cute place and they have really nice staff. It gives me a California feel with the newly added patio area done up with natural wood furniture. If you are looking for a cappuccino made with a soy, rice or oat milk this is your place. They also have nice "to go" cups so yay for me! Oh, also to mention is that right next door is Terra Sole, which is our version of a tiny Whole Foods. 

Via Donato Bramante, 7/A Rimini 47923
0541 787132

5. Pascucci

This is the only coffee shop on the list that is at the beach (well, one street in from the beach). I personally love Pascucci because I can get my cappuccino to go! Beware on a Sunday as the line is long and disorganized but I find it totally worth it. Huge selection of sweet pastries and cakes and their coffee is excellent. Great place to just chill, read the morning paper and people watch. However as said before, I love to get it to go (it's the American in me) and go for a walk on the beach.

Viale Amerigo Vespucci 3/a Rimini 47921
0541 709165

So there you have it, my 5 favorite coffee shops of the moment. Enjoy!


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