Hi!! My name is Julianne and I am originally from California. I left that gorgeous state when I was about 22 years old to go out and find my path. That path took me to living in 3 different countries, numerous cities and I have now lived for the last 18 years or so in a town called Rimini, Italy. I live here with my husband, son and cute little dog.

I randomly started this blog a couple of years ago to inspire myself to be more creative and also to create a traffic to my Etsy shop. My focus however has now shifted. I realized that there is absolutely no information out there in English about my town. We are a Summer tourist destination and we have no online sources for that in English. Go figure. Rimini is a beautiful, crazy, fun beach town in the Summer, but also has a rich cultural center which I hope to share with you through time here.

I teach English when I am not cooking, cleaning or playing taxi, so if you are in need of improving your language skills, feel free to contact me here.

So glad that you have stopped by to check out my blog. Drop me a note to say hello, or if I can help you with anything regarding information that I have posted let me know!

xo J.

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